Eps13. 2 fastest ways to change Sentence case. in Microsoft Word 2013-2016 – How to fastest

How to change Sentence case. in the word document? The fastest way will help you edit your document faster than you find and edit one by one line of the paragraph. Tutor5s will recommend you shortcut to Sentence case. below.

What is the Sentence case in Microsoft Word 2007-2010-2013-2016

The Definition: This is Function of change case. In a paragraph, you must Capitalize the first word of a sentence or behind the dots. End of them, you left a dot at there. This is the principle of the paragraph you need to know.

The benefit of changing to Sentence case in Microsoft Word 2007 – 2016

Why you need to know “how to change Sentence case in Word“, Because:

  • Edit document fast
  • Make document more easy to read and beautifully. Suitable for principles of paragraph
  • Save time to edit the document
  • Change UPPERCASE to Sentence case.
  • Change lowercase to Sentence case.
  • Change tOGGLe cASE to Sentence case.
  • Change formatted paragraph to Sentence case.

At tutor5s will help you:

  • Remember it for a long time
  • Excercise 5 times in every way
  • Do it fast
  • Know a lot of ways to change to Sentence case in ms word

Introducing how to Change Sentence case in Microsoft Word with the 5S method

5s is a very different approach. Make study smarter, faster, longer remember. 5S have 5 words that each word start with “S” character. You will see at below. Purpose tutor5s help many people improve office skills as Microsoft word, excel, power point,… To have a better life and a better work or teach our children,…

With 5S Method, I did:
1. Sort: Keep everything you learn in your hand. Eliminating things that are not important. Tutor5s always made article shortly but full necessary information
2. Set in order: tutor5s must organize article in structure. To understand step by step in every post.
You will do:
3. Smile: to learn effectively, you must feel comfortable. By keeping yourself from dirt, sand,…
4. Standardize: Practice what you learn every day or if you are free. Will make you remember for a long time. It becomes your skills.
5. Sustain: Accept fail at first. You will succeed in future. Keep you calm and strong in every time. You can do it.
Now let’s go…

Guide to how to change Sentence case in Word document

Suitable for: Microsoft word 2007 – 2010 – 2013 -2016
Operating System: Window 7, window 8, 8.1, 10.
File Word document Type: doc, docx
Objects: Word, paragraph

Step 1: Choose Paragraph

left-click and hold at start and end of the paragraph to choose it

How to change Sentence case in microsoft word 2013-2016 step 1 choose paragragh

Step 2: Change lowercase, uppercase to Sentence case

There are two option

Option 2.1 Click Aa (change case) icon on the home tab. Then choose Sentence case in a drop menu.

How to change Sentence case in microsoft word 2013-2016 step 21 click Aa home tab

Option 2.2 using a shortcut to change to do

Press Shift + F3 to change to Sentence case on the keyboard.

How to change Sentence case in microsoft word 2013-2016 step 22 shortcut

Step 3: Done…

The fastest ways to change sentence case in Microsoft Word document

Using shortcut Shift + F3 to change fast. Try to complete every day. Yout will remember it as long as you can.

Exercise for fastest ways change Sentence Case in Microsoft word document file 2007 -2010 -2013 -2016

To effectively, tutor5s recommend you try complete 5 times every day. To remember what you learn today.


That’s how to change Sentence case. in Microsoft Word. Tips: If you want to do fast, we advise you should try to choose paragraph quickly by using a selected shortcut. Then, choose shortcut to change it. Now, you feel it very useful. You can apply for the whole document to right grammar. Good afternoon!

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