About 5S

About tutor5s Lee Young introduced

Hi Everybody, My name is tutor5s. We control this website. Wish you have a nice day.

What is the purpose of tutor5s?

Tutor5s launches in 2016. We want to help everybody to learn office skills with free forever. But it is very high-quality content. Such as Word, Excell, Powerpoint, Print,… In addition, you can contact me if you don’t understand any part of the study. Send the email to: admin@tutor5s.com. Particularly, Website shows you 5s method, help you learn smarter, faster, better and more remember than ordinary method.

At the end of every course, you can do it yourself with your paragraph.

What is the benefit of the 5s method

  • Change your mind: You think to study yourself, this is so difficult. When you learn at tutor5s, you will change that thinks. You can do it.
  • The right knowledge you need for a long time on the internet to search. Content is so easy to understand and full, clear.
  • Free, free and free: Yes, that I want to help you because I like you, guys.
  • Study smarter and more effective: With the 5s method, you can apply for everything you want to learn. You will feel comfortable. And everything is so easy with you. I trust you can do it.

The 5S method is what?

OK, I show you right now. 5s origins from a workplace organization method of Japanese.

Sort: Keep everything you learn in your hand. Eliminating things that are not important.

Set in order: You must organize them in structure. To understand step by step.

Shine: to learn effectively, you must feel comfortable. By keeping yourself from dirt, sand,…

Standardize:  Practice what you learn every day or if you are free. Will make you remember for a long time. It becomes your skills.

Sustain: Accept fail at first. You will succeed in future. Keep you calm and strong in every time. You can do it.

How to apply the 5s method??

I need you have a computer which installed Microsoft office

To effectively, You can read the course and practice it at that time. Don’t only read. This doesn’t make you better.

Video 5S (Learn by Eyes, Practice by Hands)

I made a lot of videos to guide you about word, excell, power point,… But I don’t add music or my voice. Because:

  • This sound made you don’t concentrate what you are learning. So that makes you don’t remember it for a long time.
  • Only eyes made brain actively.

Video 5s is Always short and very a little word. You don’t need read and remember very things.

Practice every day, because it is yours.

Contact us: admin@tutor5s.com or harrymoment93@gmail.com