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Hello! The lesson today is “How to print a document in Microsoft Word 2007 – 2016. I will show you step by step to do it. Know print help you for a lot of things. For example, Life, Work, study,…

Eps 4 how to print document in microsoft word 2010-2013-2016 background

Know How to print in Microsoft Word that help you what?

At tutor5s help you:

  • 2 ways to print fastest
  • Step by step to print a word document
  • Remember print for a long time
  • Do exercises 5 times every day
  • Printing any documents you like for life, work, study
  • Understand what you do

Learn printing have benefits for you. 

Introducing How to Print  in Microsoft Word document with the 5S method

5s is a very different approach. Make study smarter, faster, longer remember. 5S have 5 words that each word start with “S” character. You will see at below. Purpose tutor5s help many people improve office skills as Microsoft word, excel, power point,… To have a better life and a better work or teach our children,…

With 5S Method, I did:

  1. Sort: Keep everything you learn in your hand. Eliminating things that are not important. Tutor5s always made article shortly but full necessary information
  2. Set in order: tutor5s must organize article in structure. To understand step by step in every post.
    You will do:
  3. Smile: to learn effectively, you must feel comfortable. By keeping yourself from dirt, sand,…
  4. Standardize: Practice what you learn every day or if you are free. Will make you remember for a long time. It becomes your skills.
  5. Sustain: Accept fail at first. You will succeed in future. Keep you calm and strong in every time. You can do it.
    Now let’s go…

How to print a word document – step by step:

Suitable for: Microsoft word 2007 – 2010 – 2013 -2016

Operate system: Window 7, window 8, 8.1, 10

File type: doc, docx

Before begin, You must do first things below:

  • Choose page size: A4, A5, A6, A7,… Document page size is same of the actual paper size that you want to print
  • Determining page margin
  • Choose page Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
  • Number copies that you want to print
  • A printer is connected to a computer
Step 1: How to open the print dialog

Option 1.1: Choose File menu at the top of left corner/Click Print


Option 1.2: Pres CTRL + P

esp6 2 fastest ways to print in microsoft document step 1-2 shortcut print

Step 2: Choose number page:

2.1 Print all document, You don’t need to Type

2.2 Print some pages:

Range continuous pages: You just type the first number page to the final number page. And there’s a dash between them. Example: 1-10 or 2-5 or 3-9,..

Range not continuous pages: You type: print number page – print number page. Example: 1-1, 5-5, 10-10,..

eps6-2-ways-to-print-in-microsoft-word-determine-number-page-printStep 4: Choose Printer

esp6 how to pirnt in microsoft word choose printer step 5

Step 5: Type number copies which you need to print
esp6 how to pirnt in microsoft word step 6 type copiesStep 6 click Print to complete

Exercise for 2 ways to Print in the word document

To effectively, tutor5s recommend you try complete 5 times every way. To remember what you learn today.

What video how to print in ms word 2007 – 2016 below:


We also see the way that uses shortcut is the fastest. You should remember it to do more faster. Now you can print any document you like. I tried and I can do it right now. You can print completely better.

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